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Swell Ocean Rescue

A One Stop Shop For All Lifeguard Uniform Needs

Full Service Uniform Development and Outfitting

Here at Swell Ocean Rescue, we handle every aspect of the uniform ordering process, from logo creation (if needed) to screen printing / embroidery, to shipment. We even offer custom tailoring and dye-sublimation. 


Ocean Rescue also offers partnership / sponsorship.  We are not limited to just lifeguard uniforms, we accommodate all sports and activities.

Easy Ordering For Your Team

Streamline your team's ordering process by having your members order uniforms online through one of our online order forms. All collected data and information (Name, email, size, etc) is exported to an excel sheet or CSV file for easy documentation -  no more trying to read that one person's terrible handwriting!

Physical Order Forms

If online ordering isn't a option for you, we create physical order forms from scratch for your group to easily order by hand to turn in. We document each individual form so that all parties have a copy of their orders. This is a great option for younger teams and parents, or for organizations whom require physical checks or cash for payment.